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WoR: Just Hangin' by Deariley WoR: Just Hangin' :icondeariley:Deariley 5 6 Commission: Sibling Love by Deariley Commission: Sibling Love :icondeariley:Deariley 2 10 WoR: Training the Mind by Deariley WoR: Training the Mind :icondeariley:Deariley 5 2 WoR: 3 Headshots by Deariley WoR: 3 Headshots :icondeariley:Deariley 3 2 WoR: Flower Fun by Deariley WoR: Flower Fun :icondeariley:Deariley 5 6 WoR: Cyathea's Headshots by Deariley WoR: Cyathea's Headshots :icondeariley:Deariley 6 0 WoR: One Owl a Day by Deariley WoR: One Owl a Day :icondeariley:Deariley 8 3 WoR: Help Has Arrived by Deariley WoR: Help Has Arrived :icondeariley:Deariley 3 4 WoR: Tri's Headshots by Deariley WoR: Tri's Headshots :icondeariley:Deariley 4 0 WoR/Tokotas: Catch those Fish by Deariley WoR/Tokotas: Catch those Fish :icondeariley:Deariley 8 4 WoR: Waiting for the Medic by Deariley WoR: Waiting for the Medic :icondeariley:Deariley 6 11 WoR: They All Look the Same.. by Deariley WoR: They All Look the Same.. :icondeariley:Deariley 5 2 WoR: The Flowers of Night by Deariley WoR: The Flowers of Night :icondeariley:Deariley 4 2 WoR: Lots of Quests #2 by Deariley WoR: Lots of Quests #2 :icondeariley:Deariley 3 0 WoR: Lots of Quests #1 by Deariley WoR: Lots of Quests #1 :icondeariley:Deariley 5 0 WoR: Here Kitty Kitty! by Deariley WoR: Here Kitty Kitty! :icondeariley:Deariley 12 2


Ghestlin 5566 by Reos-Empire Ghestlin 5566 :iconreos-empire:Reos-Empire 15 8
[Reos] Empyreal Item Sale
All of the sales in this journal must follow the terms stated above.
AI = Activity Image (meaning hunts/quests etc). I see these equal to 10CP, so if you'd rather do the images in CP (i.e. 2 AI is 20CP) then let me know beforehand.
- Some items may be purchased from the marketplace before being transferred, such as the occassional touch-ups and do-overs for example! -
Import Edit Items

Warrior's Embrace | x11
$5 | 1 AI

Hair Dye | x1
$15 | 3 AI

Holy's Heirloom | x0
$5 | 1 AI

Stainberry Potion | x0
$30 | 6 AI

Paint Dye | x~
$15 | 3 AI

Nail Polish | x3
$5 | 1 AI

Touch-Up Formula | x2
$15 | 3 AI

:iconkelyias:Kelyias 5 130
Letta's Geno Shop *added more genos*
Very Rare

- Tell me how long you will take to finish the images, if paying with art/CP.
- Tell me if you need more time!
- If you dont complete your payment the geno will be open for grab by someone else.
- Geno(s) will be given to you after you finish your payment!
- IMPORTANT if something is on hold and you want it, tell me and i will ping you, if the other client doesn't want it
You can offer:

1) (Male - Vayron - Puller - Healthy)
F: Lisse Coat
T: Vulpes Ears, Bob Tail, Goat Eyes
P: Calico Freckled Pecan
G: Pec+nCal/Fr
ON HOLD: Deariley
<a href="">
:iconletta-wolf:letta-wolf 3 21
Valentino 5612 by Reos-Empire Valentino 5612 :iconreos-empire:Reos-Empire 4 7 Blue Fire - EASY tutorial by ryky Blue Fire - EASY tutorial :iconryky:ryky 4,009 77
Alley's Reos Hub: Genos/Slots
General Nitty Gritty Info:
USD payments through Paypal (I will send you an invoice) expected within 24 hours unless previously discussedPoint payment is expected within 24 hours unless previously discussedActivity images (hunting/questing/Spark/trials/training etc) are preferredYou need to give me a timeframe for when you expect to be able to complete any AP payments in your initial offer
Otherwise, I will default a 2-week deadlineI only do one deal per person at a time for CP deals (i.e. one geno, one slot (with the exception of special offers for multiple slots) so as to not overwhelm people with work. You are always welcome to come back and claim another geno/slot once the first deal is finished if it's still available.If you need an extension for CP just tell me before hand. Really guys ;n; I don't mind! I just don't like having to chase people down ya know?If you back out of a CP deal I am in no wa
:iconalleywolf:AlleyWolf 49 1,243
draw-my-sona CONTEST ($150 1st PRIZE)


1st place prize | 150.00 USD
2nd place prize | 25.00 USD
3rd place prize | 10.00 USD
(these will NOT BE CONVERTED to any other art/currency)
i love love love love holding contests! i had a lot of fun with the tattoo designing one and now that i have
a brand new sona i want a lot more brand new art of him.

- every art piece will be used and uploaded to my toyhouse regardless if the art wins or not.
- you may enter as many times as you'd like aka draw as many pieces as you'd like.
- please do not change or edit my sona's design as that may affect the way i judge it.
- prizes will not be converted to points, art, or other currencies. i can ONLY offer usd

(pardon the watermarks, i really don't want him stolen so i cannot/will not remove it)
drawing Kelli
:iconelfveins:elfveins 127 77
(OPEN) Draw My Sona Contest
Edit: Extended the deadline!

I figured since I'd like more artwork of my sona I could do a contest!! Plus I really love seeing him in different styles, and your styles in general!!
This contest will end on 4/24
Please lmk if you need an extension for your entry!!
1. Draw my Fursona / Persona
I prefer blonde straight long hair w/ 2 braids atm. Like this picture. That's 100% Optional though.
[Adding Optional Outfits SOON!!]
2. Draw him with his Partner.  Nicky had a couple of updates: Nicky is now a Bicolor Oriental Shorthair Cat. They als
:iconparkerbites:ParkerBites 18 40
[WoR] The Stars are Alive by BitterWhisper [WoR] The Stars are Alive :iconbitterwhisper:BitterWhisper 2 5 [WoR] Flowers for Friends by BitterWhisper [WoR] Flowers for Friends :iconbitterwhisper:BitterWhisper 5 4 Rydel Fullbody Commission by BitterWhisper Rydel Fullbody Commission :iconbitterwhisper:BitterWhisper 6 2
Reos Imports/Genos for sale LF: USD/Rolls
Doing a bit of a clean out 
Looking for USD however i will take rolls for some
a mix of both will be excepted
I am willing to haggle
rolls will be for :iconworld-of-reos: or :iconfelvargs:

clean slate

comes with 20cp
3 rolls
(on hold)

comes with a little over 100 cp

1 roll
(on hold)

----------- -----------
3) (Male - Vayron - Puller - Healthy)
F: Friese Coat
T: Draco Ears, Long Tuft Tail, Feline Eyes
P: Freckled Mauve with Underbelly and Pangare
G: Mau+hU/Fr/nPn…
1) (Female - Vayron - Puller - Healthy)
F: Friese Coat
T: Silken Ears, Medium Tail, Round Eyes
P: Rouille with Pan
:iconneoshadowwolf:NeoShadowwolf 4 48
Decklin 4100 by Reos-Empire Decklin 4100 :iconreos-empire:Reos-Empire 12 7 Crie CP 12 by Bubblepegasus Crie CP 12 :iconbubblepegasus:Bubblepegasus 2 15 Shangri-La CP 11 by Bubblepegasus Shangri-La CP 11 :iconbubblepegasus:Bubblepegasus 5 5 [WoR] Walk Through the Woods by BitterWhisper [WoR] Walk Through the Woods :iconbitterwhisper:BitterWhisper 6 12



Hello, watchers. I just want to say thank you for the support you've given me! Over the past 8 months I have accumulated 13 of you guys and I really appreciate it. 
I've totally been overworking myself, but whenever I have the time, I really want to do something special for all of you! <3



Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Shangri-La by Deariley


Total CP: 44 CP

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[Noble Status]
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